1. In becoming a member of SDBA you will consent to the SDBA holding the following information. The SDBA will collect certain information about you which will include your name, date of birth, gender, BE number, email address, telephone number, names of the BE affiliated clubs that you are a member of. Individual details will be held by the Association Secretary, Treasurer, League Secretaries and event organisers for the sole purpose of running and organising matches and competitions on behalf of SDBA and WCBA sponsored events and matters pertaining to the administration of the Association. In certain circumstances your details may be shared with WCBA for the purposes of county competitions and administration.
  2. Club officers contact details will appear on the SDBA website/handbook for the purposes of arranging matches and competitions
  3. Should an individual wish to ‘opt-out’ of providing of personal information they should contact the Association Secretary who will provide a list of appropriate action and evidence taken to remove the individual’s details from the Association digital and paper archive. (Note: removal of such information will exclude the person from age related competitions and representative matches).
  4. Junior Players (under 18 years of age) will need signed parental consent for their personal details and parental contact details to be used by the SDBA in accordance with section P(i)
  5. Individual Consent information will be documented on the SDBA Registration and Transfer Forms offered at the time of registering individuals by their clubs.