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Senior Tournaments
Date Team Location click for direction
29th september 2019 Five Rivers

Wiltshire Restricted Championships

30th November 2019 Five Rivers Wiltshire Open Championships (Silver)
7th March 2020 Tidworth Fiddes Cup Final
14th March 2020 Tidworth Wilson Lee Final
5th April 2020 Tidworth Tony Winslow
19th April 2020 Tidworth Gillian Scott
30th April 2020 Wroughton Ladies & Mens Playoffs at Ridgeway Leisure Centre,
1st May 2020 Wroughton Mixed Playoffs at Ridgeway Leisure Centre,
14th May 2020 Wroughton Knockout Finals
15th May 2020 Highworth Bicknell
SDBA Tournaments – Junior
Date Team Location click for direction
1st and 2nd Feb 2020 TBC

Swindon Junior Championships

Wiltshire Tournaments - Juniors
Date Team Location click for direction
15th September 2019 Tidworth

U14, U16 & U18 Restricted Championships

19th January 2020 Tidworth

U12, U21 & U16 (Singles only) Restricted Championships

15th March 2020 Tidworth

Yehlex Inter-District U18

SDBA Knockout Tournaments

Knock-out Doubles Handicap

Run through the season at Club venues. Open and Restricted sections for Men’s, Ladies’, Mixed & O40’s Mixed Doubles


Martin Limburn

Tel: 537537
Final: TBC at Warneford School, Highworth

Knock-Out Tournaments Overview

All the below events are handicapped by the Tournament Committee. Competitors must be bona fide members of clubs affiliated to the Swindon and District Badminton Association.

Open Doubles Events

Men’s, Ladies & Mixed Open

These events are open to players of any standard, including juniors.

Restricted Doubles Events

Men’s & Mixed Restricted

These events are open to players whose standard is below that of Division 1 & 2. You are not excluded from the ‘Restricted’ events merely because your club has a team in either Division 1 or 2, it is your individual standard which determines your eligibility.

Over 40 Mixed Doubles EVENT

This event is open ONLY to players who are over 40 years of age before 1st September of the current season.
Each competitor will receive a programme which will serve as acknowledgment of entry. The draw for each event will be printed in the programme and the closing date for each round shown. The competitors drawn at home in each round will be notified of their opponents and contact details.
Matches will be decided on the result of 3 games to 21, with NO setting or extended play. All finals will be played on the ‘Finals evening’ stated in the programme.
A complete set of detailed rules are available on the Entry Forms

Entry Forms

The Entry forms are given out to all club secretaries at the beginning of each season. If for any reason you are unable to get an entry form, please contact the Tournament Secretary.

If you require more details, please contact the Tournament Secretary –
Martin Limburn

Tel: 01793 537537

SDBA Team Tournament

This occasional tournament is open to all the Swindon Districts Clubs, Who play for the Alistair Laing Cups.

The tournament is divided into two sections according to player’s league standard and played on an American Handicap Tournament basis with OPEN handicaps.

Entries are comprised of a team of 6 players: 4 men and 2 ladies. Teams can also use a third lady within their team if they have one available, as a reserve.

Players can play for any Team and is not restricted by their own club representation.

Event details are published during of the season

W.H. Bicknell Trophy

Inter-Club Team Knock-out Handiapped Handicapped Tournament – Swindon & District B.A.

Open to all Swindon clubs and their registered players. Entry forms are distributed at the beginning of each season to Club Secretaries. Please be aware of the closing date for entries of the form.
Clubs nominate up 6 men and 6 ladies who are then points handicapped as a team. Clubs can enter more than one team. Specific weeks are allocated in the Fixtures Calendar for the matches to be played. Only the winners of the matches will progress to the next round.

Secretary: Martin Limburn

Tel: 01793 537537
Final: TBC 8.00pm - Warneford Sch., Highworth

M.G. Fiddes Cup

Wiltshire Club Championship

Open to all Swindon clubs and their registered players.

Secretary : John Earney
Tel: 01373 823017
Final: Thursday TBC at Tidworth

Wilson Lee Shield

Level Restricted – Wiltshire C.B.A.

Open to all Swindon clubs and their registered players.

Secretary : John Earney
Tel: 01373 823017
Final: Thursday TBC at Tidworth

Wilson Lee Shield - 2018-19

Home 1st Round 25/11/18
1 Swindon V Roussel
2 Raychem V


3 Laverstock V Kennet
4 Stonehenge V Salisbury
5 Corsham V Devizes
6 Brecon V Whitehorse
7 Highworth DA V Acers
8 Cricklade V

Chippenham 23

Home Quarter Finals 19/01/19
2 V 1 A
3 V 4 B
6 V 5 C
7 V 8 D
Home Semi Finals 16/02/19

Final: 14/04/19

Wiltshire Premier League

Secretary :
Tel: 01373 823017
Top two teams from each district are entered into the draw for the Premier League. Teams only play each other once. The ‘Home’ or ‘Away’ draw is made by a County official. Individual matches and times are arranged between the clubs.

Home 1st Round 25/11/18
Home Matches Away Matches
Chippenham 23 Phoenix & Stonehenge Swindon, Stratton & Laverstock
Phoenix Laverstock, Stonehenge & Stratton Chippenham 23 & Swindon
Stratton Polska Stonehenge & Chippenham 23 Swindon, Laverstock & Phoenix
Laverstock Swindon & Chippenham 23 Stonehenge, Stratton & Phoenix
Stonehenge Swindon & Laverstock Chippenham 23, Phoenix & Stratton
Swindon Stratton, Chippenham 23 & Laverstock Phoenix & Stonehenge