Match Postponement - Guilty club to advise the appropriate League Secretary immediately.
NOTE:- Unavailability of Hall should be the only reason for postponement.

Match Play must start by 7.00 p.m. (unless notified otherwise). See Rule E. Knocking-Up! Reasonable time allowed 3 minutes.
On court, players are requested to wear recognised badminton clothing.

Visiting teams shall abide by the special byelaws of the home club, provided these do not contravene the laws of badminton, and it shall be the duty of the home players to explain any “lets” and “faults” before commencement of play.

Home team players should not play on club courts during a match unless the same facility is offered to the opposing teams players.

THE LAWS OF BADMINTON: Every Club notice board should include a copy (see Rule 2 (iii) ).

OR REFER Badminton England “Official Handbook” - The ‘Laws of Badminton’ can also be viewed, or download at